Once Again the Stone is Rolled Away

Once Again, the Stone is Rolled Away

You remember when Jesus was crucified? All the way to the cross, Jesus was under stressful pressure; there was the temptation of Judas, the betrayal, Jesus’ was arrest, then the flogging, the crown of thorns pushed down bringing blood from His brow, the people spitting on Him, the humiliation, carrying the cross on His mutilated back, the nails driven into His hands and feet.

All the way to the cross the devil thought he had the upper hand. All hell was rejoicing at the fall of Jesus Christ. There was the gambling for His Robe, The jeering of the winner.

The worst was yet to come, Jesus bearing the sins of the whole world from the beginning of time to the end. The heavenly Father cannot look on sin and turned away; Jesus cries out “My God, My God, Why has thou forsaken me”? See, the very worst thing that could happen to us, is the absence of the presence of God. The crowd rushed to give Him vinegar and gall to drink; drawing His last breath saying “Father unto you I commend My Spirit” the silence, --- on to the tomb where no one else had ever been laid. I’m sure the devil laughed, he thought he had outdone God! Finally, as the stone was rolled in place, the devil must have said “It is finished.”

Today the Body of Christ is going through persecution, test and trials, some more than other but Satan is still trying to put an end to Jesus once more. It seems the whole world is under the thumb of the devil and his wickedness. The United States is the only, really free Nation left. We are still “One Nation Under God” A beacon on a hill, struggling to keep the light of freedom shinning. The devil must be ecstatic; he thinks he is in control once again. Everything seems to be going his way.

Satan has accomplished so much in this United States of America, prayer out of school and out of many homes. He is taking such delight in his victory of sacrificing babies to Molac- with abortion and literal sacrificial ceremonies. He is now destroying the family, even masking gender. God created them male and female. People are not only confused about who they are but even what they are. How Satan must be laughing once again. All this because good men have done nothing!

Now if he can just close down the church who are the people; starting by Christians becoming complacent, apathetical and laziness, making the church weak, now he can cause a medical pandemic and close the doors of the building where the church meets, causing no gathering together of cooperate worship. Jesus said, “Forsake Not the Assembling yourselves together” Big Tec is trying to shut down the internet because he knows divided, we fall, looking forward to the stone being rolled into place closing Jesus in the tomb once more! Who will we obey?

Oh! But he forgot that the stone was supernaturally removed once before, and Jesus rose from the dead and is alive and the gates of hell will not prevail against His church. Because Jesus rose from the dead, there was the day of “Pentecost” giving His body power. There was a great outpouring of His Holy Spirit, many were saved, healed, set free. They were scattered over the known world giving the Word to all nations. Think about it, He may be bringing all nations here to get them saved. People are coming into this nation from all over the world; they take them in buses, trucks, trains to all parts of this USA. Everywhere they are taken, there are Christians. We are being set up for the last great outpouring of His Holy Spirit. God is still on the throne and He has a plan, and that plan is working out just as He designed it. The body of Christ is rising and “Once Again the Stone is being Rolled Away!

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