Exhortations to Obedience

Exhortations to Obedience
 “My son forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: for length of days, and Long life, and peace, shall they add to thee. Prov.3:1-2] The information here is talking about the Fathers commandments [they, the commandments], has great benefits, in living right, there is length of days. I don’t know anyone who does not want to live a long life. The word God tells us how, to have a long life. We could start with the ten commandments, they are brought over into the “New Testament,”. Right here He told us; “Forget not My Law,” that is a commandment. It is not a fist pounding law, it is an encouragement if we want to gain victory in this life. As Christians, the main thing is, we want to please our Savior and our Farther. If we truly Love Him from the heart, it will not be a burden. Now with the Lord living inside us and being engulfed and filled with the Holy Spirit, it is no longer a command as much as it is a privilege and honor. If Christianity is a burden, you may not really be saved’ or you are still trying to hang on to the world. I would want to know for sure!
The very next statement is” let thine “heart” keep my commandments”: See He wants us to have a heart to love and please Him, just as a husband desires his wife to love him with her heart. It is not enough to just keep the rules or be bound by a law. The Lord does not just want a religious following, He wants a sweet relationship. No one enjoys love if they have to force or demand it from someone. Forced love is not love, it is stressful action! God is telling us, when He has our heart, we can have the benefits of “length of days” confirming the promises of a long life.

“Then Peace, shall they [the law] add to you” Think about it, living a long time is everyone’s desire. I believe God placed that down inside of us, but just living long is not all God wants for us. See He said long life and peace. There is a whole world out there looking for peace in their daily existence. Nerve medication is one of the greatest sought after medicines. There is also an addiction that goes with it. Once a person accepts a pill for their problem, instead of the Gospel, the Gos-pill, it is very hard to transition enough faith to come back into a place to turn it over to God.

There are many people that get angry when a teacher says something like that. They say, “you just don’t understand, I’m really sick.” Really sick people were the ones Jesus healed in the Bible. Don’t get angry at the person who is only relaying the message. The only reason a teacher takes time to rely a message to you is because they love you and care about you. “By Jesus’ stripes you are healed” [Is.53:5]. “By Jesus’ stripes you were healed” [1 Peter 2:24].” No weapon formed against you will prosper” [Is 54:17] sickness of any kind is a form of problem, a hindrance, obstacle or handicap. Trusting in the one who created you is the kind of love that really blesses the Father.

If God is not your father, you might put some thought into, “Why Not?” He loves you so much, He sent His only son to earth as a baby, to grow up and teach mankind how-to live-in victory. Jesus, His son was willing to be torched, beaten, crucified, die, be buried and pay the price for your sins, He was raised from the dead to show His overcoming power for you, why not invite Him into your heart today and receive peace and His “Exhortation for Obedience”

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