Previous Guests

Rev. William Jamont Scott

Rev. William Jamont Scott is a native of Brownwood, TX. He is the father 5 and being newly married as of August 2021 to Minister LaDawnia M. Scott, is also a stepfather of 4. 
They currently reside in Midland, TX where they are the associate pastors of The Bridge Midland under the leadership of Pastors Keith & Maribel McLelland.
Rev. Scott is also studying to receive his certification as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor that he may fulfill his call to establish a facility that focuses on the spiritual aspect of addiction recovery. 
As a man delivered from 20 years of addiction & lifestyle for the past 4 years, he believes that God has called him and is still equipping him to help others get to “The Root” of their addiction that they too may be set free.

Jake Sanchez

Jake Sanchez is a pastor's son. He was raised in church. He is more of an evangelist. He has a burden for the church to come back to their first love, and equip the saints with the true Gospel.

He has been married to his wife for 29 years and have raised 6 children and have 20 grandchildren and counting.

Dr. Gregory Reid

He entered ministry in 1975 with a burning heart for youth ministry and to reach the hurting and lost. Over the years, he has pioneered several mission outreaches, including an outreach to occult victims and disenfranchised youth. Dr. Reid is committed to the following missions:

•Reaching the lost youth through evangelism

•Training the church to engage in spiritual warfare and prayer to set people free from the works of darkness

•Educating the church through workshops on critical issues of our day and prepare them scripturally to be awake, aware, and ready to further the work of the Kingdom under any circumstances

Dave Roberson

Dave entered the ministry fulltime at the age of 30, after receiving a visitation from God that entirely changed his life and caused him to know without any doubt that he was called to be an evangelist.

In this capacity, Dave has ministered throughout the United States and in countries like India, Latvia, Norway, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Singapore, and in Brazil, where he currently has an ongoing outreach.

An underlying theme of Dave’s ministry is training others to learn how to walk in the fullness of their call and in close fellowship with God. Dave’s teaching series and literature are distributed throughout the United States and internationally. At least once a year he hosts Prayer and Power Conferences in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he has become well known for authoring the book, The Walk of the Spirit—The Walk of Power, which gives an in-depth teaching on the purpose and benefits of praying in tongues

Halo Jordan

Their vision: "Win the world to Jesus one soul at a time, till all the nets are full "
They have written many of the songs they will share including "Get on the green Line" come and hear how God has blessed them and has sent them out on the journey of saving souls for the kingdom.

Dinah Ward

Dinah Ward was born and raised in Midland/Odessa. She is a Co-Owner and Office Manager of family owned business Williams Paving & Excavation Inc. with her two brothers Robert and Edward.

Dinah was Born Again in 1980, and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1982. In 1984, the Lord spoke to her in prayer and commissioned her to teach. She was disciple by Bro. Juan Papaleo until he left this area. Bro. Sam Jordan ordained her at Odessa Tabernacle and Commissioned out of Glory of Zion by Chuck Pierce as a House of Zion. She now serves under the ministry of Dr. William Mark Bristow at Parker Heights Christian Church in Odessa. She is an assistant coordinator of the Parker Heights Women’s Fellowship group seeking to equip and invigorate women as mighty warriors for the Lord.

Roy Ivins

Roy Ivins is a evengelist who has a tent ministry. He moves around the country as he is directed by God. In Dec of 2002 he was diagnosed with Hep-C in its last stages. He was told he needed a liver transplant or he would die. He cried out to God “If you will heal me, I will do what ever you want me to do!”. He was healed and that is when he brought his revival tent after God healed him. God told him He wanted to heal people in those tent meetings. There have been many people healed of many kinds of sicknessesand he has seen many come to the Salvation of God.

Noel & Sharon Collver 

Noel & Sharon both graduated from the school of Pastoral Studies, Rhema Bible Training Center in May 2010. In 2004, they founded “JC Pineapples”, a youth activity center in downtown Americus, Georgia. They pastored the staff of a dozen people, and ministered to youths of varied backgrounds. They moved to Tulsa in 2008, in obedience to God’s voice, knowing that there was so much more to learn, and a more vast spiritual dynamic with which to become affiliated. For three years, they where at Rhema Bible Church, They had been involved in many areas of ministry. Sharon played the keyboard for the Sunday night worship bands and Noel sang on the Frontline Worship Team. They led in worship and preached in the Nursing Home and Prison ministries.

Paulette Reed

Paulette Reed is a powerful preacher, prophetic minister, encourager, and author. The Lord recently sent her to serve in Texas. She resides near Houston and is a fulltime revivalist/evangelist. Her passion is to share the love of Christ and unite people to the inexplicable love of our Heavenly Father, exhorting them to arise and shine! She is an extremely accurate prophetess who has been raised up to bring hope and healing to the body of Christ. Without a vision the people perish, so the Lord is using this handmaiden as His mouthpiece to catapult people into their destinies.

Barbie Breathitt

Barbie Breathitt is an author, ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher of the supernatural manifestations of God.

Barbie’s dynamic teaching skills, intelligence, quick wit, and sense of humor keep her a favorite with audiences everywhere. Through prayer, intense study, and research, Barbie has become a recognized leader in dream interpretation traveling over 40 nations around the globe.

Her prophetic gifting and deep spiritual insight have helped thousands of people understand the supernatural ways God speaks to us today.

Bree Keyton

Bree is the author of several books, a psalmist, and a recording artist. Her books are in the eighth printing and being translated into languages throughout the world. Her musical CD received nationwide airplay for three years, and she travels the world preaching the gospel. She has been in thirty countries and five continents. Bree has a zeal for soul winning, healing the sick and setting the captives free.

Joan Hunter

Joan Hunter's ministry has a Mission to set people free spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Her ministry has a vision to equip believers to take the Healing Power of God out of the 4 corners of the church to the 4 corners of the Earth.

Bishop Alexander Mwami

Dr. Alexander Mwami earned a Masters Degree in Theology from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa. He was honored with a Doctor of Divinity and Practical Ministry from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

He is the founding Pastor of “Devoted Ambassadors for Christ Churches and he is Presiding Bishop of the international headquarters for this organization. He is Director of “International Faith Fellowship of Ministers and Churches”, a body of bishops and churches in South Africa.

He is also the Founder of a Bible college, “Greater Faith School of World Missions” in South Africa. This is a training college for missionaries from all of Africa. Thus far 617 ministers and missionaries have been trained and are serving in Africa and Ethiopia.

Melody Boys Quartet

Well known in the Southern Gospel Music Industry for their tight vocal blend and classic styling, The Melody Boys Quartet is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. In 1957 The Melody Boys Quartet performed at the very first National Quartet Convention in Memphis, Tennessee; their most recent appearance on the main stage, now located in Louisville, Kentucky, was in 2010.

Today, The Melody Boys Quartet is formed by lead vocalist Chris Walton, first tenor Mike Franklin, Dean Porter singing baritone, and Gerald Williams on bass.
The driving force of The Melody Boys Quartet now, as then, is to "Give the World A Smile" as they devote their lives to sharing the gospel in song.
Experience one concert and you'll join the thousands of fans who look forward each year to experiencing a true vintage taste of Southern Gospel's finest in quartet entertainment

Alice Patterson

Alice Patterson's vision is building strategic partnerships to mobilize Christians to pray effectively and to vote righteously.

Her mission is empowering believers in Gods presence through reconciliation and education to impact our nation through focused prayer for government and through the power of the ballot by purposing to:

:Build strategic partnerships to connect with key ethnic leaders
:Prepare a place of healing in God's presence by continuing the reconciliation work of black and white abolitionists empower Christians to impact our nation by connecting their faith values to electoral choices, evidenced by the power of the ballot
:Open doors of access to government by educating and connecting the faith community to dedicated believers serving in government
:Mobilize governmental prayer

Claudine Chaney

At this present time Claudine is on the staff of Christian Fellowship Church. Since 1984 she has been a Christian Counselor spending much of her time ministering to hurting people. Claudine is well-known for her deliverance ministry. Claudine enjoys teaching and training women to change their world for Jesus while speaking at conferences in West Texas as well as other parts of the nation.

Mark Case

Mark established the Fathers field ministries International in 1997 while serving with his family in a foreign missionary call to Buenos Aries, Argentina. His specific call is to the Church, where he uses the five fold ministry gifts God has given him to edify the Body. He works with pastors and church leaders around the world and at home.
God has given Mark a word for the church, concerning these final days.

Mary Ann Brown

Mary Ann Brown Speaker ,Teacher, Comedian and Mighty woman of God, was Licensed to minister the Gospel by a Southern Baptist Church in Dallas Texas. She was Ordained by "Evangelistic Center Church" in Kansas Missouri. A clear word of truth is brought fourth through the teaching of God's word and a close relationship with Jesus. The message will make you laugh and maybe even cry, but you will never forget the ministry of healing Jesus does in your heart. Mary Ann is Chairperson for "Women of The Word International" Out of Black Mt. North Carolina. She is a member of Southwest Harvest Church, in Duncanville, Texas. She speaks across the whole Nation. (Deceased November 2012)

Dr. Nigel Bigpond

Nigel is a Native American. He speaks on Freedom of Spirit, Soul and Body. Also how to take back our territory and keep it.

Helen Vaughn

Helen serves as the President of Aglow International of Midland. She is a licensed minister with Christian International and was licensed with Servant hood ministries for 10 years. She serves on Action ministries which travels as she is called out with different teams. Helen’s specific call to the body is to impart faith to hear the voice of God. Her walk and trials have enabled her to grow strong in His might! Helen and her husband Terry live in Midland Texas have two children and one grandchild.

Theo G.W. & Barbara Boone

He was called into the ministry in 1982, and has faithfully served the Lord in various capacities for 29 years. His ministry foundation is built on Psalm 91, Matt 5-7, Isaiah 61:1-3, & Gal. 2:20.

He conceived & birthed the Jesus Christ Church (JCC) in Ballinger, Texas in 2000. He was consecrated and ordained as an Overseer and Apostle in December 2002. He is now the Apostle and Overseer of JCC, & Resurrection Anointed Ministries International (RAM International). He and his wife are presently hosting a growing Tuesday night home group. He went on His 1st mission trip to Peru in 2008, where he served as team Leader, Crusade Evangelist, and held a Pastor’s Conference many pastors and ministers. He formerly served as Area Advisor for Aglow.

Recently, he published a book entitled “The Trust Factor.” A modified version “The Trust Factor Now” is scheduled to be release in early 2012.

He is a man who walks by faith not by sight, a faithful leader of Gods people. His gifts have made room for him. He is a man ready to fulfill God’s purpose for his life. He is the eyes, ears & feet of God, A vessel being used by Him.