For This Purpose #5

For this Purpose #5
Some say, “Will you ever get off this subject?” This is the subject of the whole Bible, the word of God. That we might understand what our purpose is, to grow, to mature, for our personal enhancement, but that we might also help others, move into Jesus. We need knowledge of the plan of God in order to do that. We also need the Power of the Holy Spirit or not much will happen. The word of God tells us to “Study to show ourselves approved.”

“Ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you: and you shall be witnesses unto me” [Acts 1 :8]. Yes, we receive the Spirit of Christ when we are born again, “For if you have not the spirit of Christ you are none of His." This is saying When the Holy Spirit comes upon you. When you are full of Him and the Holy Spirit engulfs you, Jesus the baptizer of the Holy Ghost submerges you in Him. The Holy Ghost in you and upon you.

“Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:” [Rom.3:22] “Christ in you the hope of Glory. ----Holy Spirit upon you “Engulfed in Glory!!! Unto and Upon!

We have stated the name of this study over and over. We need to mention the fact that all we have talked about for the past 5 weeks has been preparing us to do the work of the ministry. That we may become ministers and witnesses for the increasing of the Kingdom of God, helping people come to Jesus.

This Holy Ghost power that comes upon us as we are baptized in the Spirit, is supernatural for the work of the ministry. Jesus gave us The Holy Ghost, the Power of His Name, The Power of the Blood, The Power of His Word, then The Holy Ghost gives us Supernatural Gifts for the work of the ministry. When the bulk of the Church backed off from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, it gave the devil a legal right to release his preternatural gifts. They are things such as Fortune Telling, Witchcraft, levitation and much more. They are counterfeits of the Gifts of God. Like Fortune Telling is a counterfeit of the “Gift of the word of Knowledge” In first Corinthians 12.

It’s a sad thing that people can talk about Fortune Telling, Table Talking, Wee gee Boards, all the supernatural on the dark side and not think a thing about it but Bring up the Holy Spirit and many shrink back.

There are 9 manifestation Gifts in 1Cor.12. Seven of those Gifts were used very openly in the Old Testament and two were added for the New Testament for the Church, the first verse says “Earnestly desire spiritual Gifts, verse 2 says for he that speaks in an unknown tongues speaks not unto men but, unto God” [Because it is the Holy Spirit that is speaking]. There is so much more to all that, but the point is that tongues and interpretation of tongues, were the two gifts added for New Testament believers, that they could talk directly to God. Jude 20 says praying in the Spirit builds up your most holy faith. Who would not want all God has for us?

Just don’t be afraid of anything God says is Holy and is a gift from Him. People are usually afraid of the things they don’t know anything about. It would really be a fearful thing to cut down, degrade or blaspheme the things of God. Just study the Bible in areas that are unknown to you. All of the Bible is written that we might be strong in the Lord and the power of His might to be ministers and witnesses for winning and developing souls, it’s all” For this Purpose.”

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